7 things every sales rep can learn from a heavy metal band

You are here to sell your shit!
It really does not matter if you slept well, if you like your customer or what you feel about the product you wish to sell. They are here to listen to you and give you their time. They deserve 120% of you, they are going to pay for what you sell. Be there, give all. Sales, sales, sales.

Always be nice!
You might be standing in front of 1000 nerds and you have literally nothing in common with them. But, they are here because of you and they deserve being treated nicely. Smile, tell everybody how glad you are to be here and tell them you are proud that they are having you. Keep in mind they could have chosen 1000 others to listen to.

Singing along is very important!
If you feel that the audience is not able to sing along with you, your message might be too difficult. Be clear, precise and easy. Nobody is going to buy something he does not understand. Keep in mind, repeating your chorus will help getting your message across. If they sing with you, you got them!

Use choir!
Sometimes you need to post a strong message and you feel the customer does not really believe you? Use choir. 3 people shouting the same thing together can be very convincing. And repeat! You will learn that customers will gather trust if you sing to them as a choir. Don´t forget. The message needs to be simple and short.

Nothing without showing off!
Posing is your best friend. From the moment you arrive at the meeting, your need to be the star. Be there, don´t just walk in. Dressing up is needed for that. You might be looking like carnival, but if you are a rock star they are going to believe you.

Don´t be arrogant!
You might have more followers on facebook (or what ever) than the president of the US. Play small clubs like they are Wembley stadium. It really does not matter if the customer is a big one, a small one, international or not, they always deserve to be treated like Wembley stadium.

Stay true!
Do what you love, love what you do. Do never cheat, nor lie to your customer. They will beat you up later anyway. So be yourself, tell the truth even if it would mean not selling something now. And they are going to buy now, then and in the future. Not only, but also because they like you!