HD Austria customer service is huge

HD Austria & AustriaSat are the 2 brands of M7 group SA in Austria. Customers are offered interesting themeTV channels and high quality HD channels of German private TV-channels. They are provided in very high HD quality. If quality matters regarding TV channels, for sure quality of customer service does play an important role.

Wir Kunde does consultanting services and project management in Austria. What did we already achieve?

A new knowledge management supports agents on the phone and answering e-mails. For sure customers profit from it too. Interested? Have a look…

HD Austria profits from customer feedback. Wir Kunde helped implementing a customer satisfaction measurement tool. Fully automatic, daily, direct feedback by customers, live on a web application.

Routing & Reporting. Wir Kunde improved the existing Routing & Reporting. Accurate forecast, high quality, having high productivity was the mission. Mission accomplished.

Sourcing. HD Austria now has a optimized personnel sourcing strategy. Optimum quality with optimal cost.

Silent Monitoring. Because HD Austria is not only interested in optimum quality and cost, but wants to be 100% sure that their customers do see this alike, Wir Kunde established a silent monitoring process. Quality management how it should always be.