Project management

Automating customer service

Automation helps reaching operative targets and fulfill customer needs. A lot tools can help your customers around the clock and help saving time and money!

Together we define the targets that you want to achieve, then we choose the perfect tool and deploy it. We are a specialist in integrating software in customer service environments and consult you in your project. Together we make sure that every server is in the right place, all software installed, all test carried out and all customers are happy. And all that with staying within budget and given timelines. We do project management.

Knowledge management tools

If you secure process- and  product knowledge in your organization you reduce the risk that customer service quality is harmed by leaving personell. At the same time that knowledge is at your customers and agents disposal. Customers find solutions for their problems, agents are always able to deliver the right answer.

Modern knowledge management tools offer the right answer to your agent and reduce answering time. In addition to that you learn from reporting what your customers really need and care for. With that knowledge you optimize your communication to them.

Wir Kunde successfully carried out 10 projects on this topic.

Interactive voice response systems

An IVR nowadays can do a lot more for you than queuing calls. Self service at night, automatic recognition of customers, gathering of data about the customer (ID´s, products, due invoices,…) a lot of things are possible. Always with the aim to create a positive customer experience and save cost.

Wir Kunde successfully carried out 6 projects on this topic.

Gamification and social enterprise software

Organizations are able to learn and the job in a call center can be great fun. Gasification software uses principles out of computer game development to push the work experience of your agents to a completely new level.

Using ‘Reward and recognition’ processes fun will be back in the day to day work of your customer advisors and he will be more productive at the same time. He shares his knowledge in the social enterprise software with his colleagues so they can profit from it. Yes, all this is possible!

We deliver this projects together with a partner. We will be happy to organize a pilot for you!

CC agent portal

Products are complex, systems to deliver them often even more. You can reduce that complexity! Agent portal integration is the buzz word. Applications consist that get all needed information out of all existing applications and databases. Only what is needed now is displayed to the agent, the information is shown in a comprehensive way to the agent. So an agent desktop is built that does what it should, help the agent answering questions and delivering solutions. Of source the input in the system is wrote back to the back end systems, nothing is lost, al in sync, all the time. All communications tools at hand and a proper reporting can help you improve. Nothing more, nothing less are such applications capable to do for you.

Wir Kunde is currently managing such a project.

Customer Satisfaction Measurement

Measuring the customer satisfaction helps carrying out the right actions for your customers. Web based or after call interviews, this application replace classical market research. We create the survey, pick the right method and implement the tool for you.

Wir Kunde successfully carried out 4 projects on this topic.

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