Silent monitoring

Silent monitoring

Silent monitoring is a quality management method. It´i not new. But extremely effective!

  • Why would it be right to use this method?
  • How can this deployed? Wie wird das umgesetzt?
  • Which advantage do I have if I give this to somebody external?
  • Was do we at Wir Kunde know how to do this? Who is executing this at Wir Kunde?

Silent monitoring unites many advantages – what is it able to deliver?

  • In comparison to other methods it can be deployed quickly.
  • It is cheaper than other methods.
  • It measures process quality, agent knowledge and productivity at a time.
  • Technically easy.
  • You can use it right away for agent feedback and coaching.

How can it be implemented?

  • Telephony system records the calls in your call center.
  • An individual survey is created which includes all common parts of a customer call.
  • The calls will be listened in and rated with the survey.
  • The results are used to improve your processes and agent performance.

Why do that externally?

  • Independence in rating
  • Comparison internal and external view (calibration is possible)
  • Because you don´t have a quality management.
  • Your customer care is managed by a outsource partner.

Why are we able to do this?
Quite easy. We are doing this for quite a while now for our customers. And they are satisfied with our work. Now that we are sure that we can deliver that service on a constant professional level, we are also offering this to new customers. We just wanted to be sure before hand.

Who is doing that at Wir Kunde?
Silent monitoring is not carried out by students or part time workers at Wir Kunde. We only use experienced communications & sales trainers and senior customer care specialists for this job. So the assessors exactly know how customer service works and where the challenges are. Only experts. To your benefit. Now you may think, that sound expensive. Wrong. We can deliver this service location independent and therefore we can offer you attractive prices.

Interested? We are looking forward to your inquiry!

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