Satisfied with your call center outsourcing?

There are many good reasons to use external partners in customer service. Most important reason is usually commercial advantages. Most of the time it is simply cheaper. Furthermore it is good to have somebody that is constant professional in processing customer contacts, you don´t have to care for technical infrastructure and external partners can adopt to changing environments more easy. Everybody is doing what he does best!

On the other hand responsible managers often have concerns. Some examples.

  • Loose of control what customers are talking about
  • Divergent commercial interest between demander and supplier
  • Inefficient communication between the partners
  • Recurring discussions about performance, planning & level of excellence
  • “Sweet talking” if it comes to problems reaching goals

If companies are working together with external partners, a complex net of relationships is established. Understanding them is key to have a long lasting, durable & successful relationship. And such a relationship is needed to achieve what you want – provide good customer service to your customers.

These points make this topic subject to consultancy services. How satisfied are you with your partner? What could be better? Why isn´t it better? Do I have the right partner? Do I pay a reasonable price?

Successful customer / supplier relationships in customer service do have some things in common. These are:

  • Long lasting partnership
  • Not only price drives the choice for a outsource partner
  • There are defined communication processes
  • The underlying contract drives all partners to achieve good results
  • There is a understanding between partners what the other one wants & needs to be successful

What can Wir Kunde do for you?

We look at the relationship and analyze it. First step is always analysis of the existing contract and how good it is achieved. After that we´ll have a look at how the partnership is lived in reality. From there a set of measures can be derived.

What is Wir Kunde good in?

Improve existing outsourcing contracts. Search & find new partners. Renegotiation of contracts. Near shore / off shore / on site – what is the right thing for me?

Andreas Fleschurz does that since years!

By the way: The most common problem at customer service outsourcing is a bad planning of the demander and not bad execution of the outsourcing supplier.

If you want to be sure, that your achieve an optimum customer service together with your outsource partner, contact us. We would be happy to have a chat about it with you.