Iveta Szentkereszty

  • 11 year customer service
  • Team management
  • Quality assurance & training
  • Reporting & forecasting

Iveta Szentkereszty born and raised in Czech Republic is living in Vienna more than 5 years now with her 2 kids. She is into nature, painting and philosophy.

Solutions are found best while walking, she says. So she loves to roam the city on foot, just like Aristotle and Plato in ancient Greek times. 🙂


Wenzgasse 24/1, 1130 Wien
E szentkereszty[at]wirkunde.at
T +43 1 8909867

Iveta Szentkereszty

… is customer care expert since more than 11 years.

She is assuring quality for customers. After a good start as an agent at an international telecommunications company and stops as team manager training and quality assurance specialist she found Wir Kunde. Iveta is our specialist for training, quality assurance, reporting and forecasting.

Improve forecasts, build reporting and then ensure quality? That’s her domain!

What is she good in

  • Forecasts
  • Reporting Call Center
  • Quality audits
  • Silent Monitoring
  • Training hard skills, soft skills
  • Quality assurance processes
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