Marta Cába-Hajdu

  • 15 years call center experience
  • Site management
  • Outsourcer / call center steering & management
  • Transition management

Marta grew in Bratislava, went to school in Vienna and also attended university in this imperial city. Currently she is living with her husband and her little son in Pilsen (CZ) and in Vienna.
Marta speaks 5 languages fluently and according to her life motto „catch me if you can“, she she pitches her tents wherever it is nice. When she’s not travelling, she finds balance with her family, dancing flamenco and teaching yoga. The cocktail of time in nature, time behind the laptop and time with her family makes her days colorful and tasty.


Wenzgasse 24/1, 1130 Wien
E hajdu[at]wirkunde.at
T +43 1 8909867

Marta Cába-Hajdu

…. has been a customer care expert for over 15 years.
Marta is the customer service all-rounder in our team. She started her career  as a customer service specialist. What looked like a student job quickly turned out to be a dream job.
Within a very short time, Marta was promoted to team leader, trainer and site manager for multiple sites. In this role, she was responsible for Operations, IT, HR and Strategy. From 2019, we as a Wir Kunde team and our customers  benefit from this extensive know-how.

What is she good in?

  • Operations Management
  • Call Center / Outsourcer Steuerung
  • Transition Management
  • Quality Management & Silent Monitoring
  • Process Management
  • Sales Optimierung
  • Project Management
  • Forecasting / Budgetoptimierung
  • Workforce Management Call Center management
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