Stepping on Lego hurts. Use the bricks to build quality.

There is this well know exercise in coaching where 2 people sit back-to-back next to each other. 1 person has got the plan for building a rather simple figure out of building blocks and the other one has the building blocks and needs to assemble them based only on the things the second person orally instructs to do. 

If you have never done that, I recommend taking the 10 minutes it takes because it is teaching you a valuable lesson. Because in a second step you look at the result and the planned result (the plan) together and talk about how this could happen. Plan and reality almost never match.

I am not saying the actual result cannot be better, more creative and beautiful then the intended result, but usually you get some pretty useless stuff. 

So how can you make sure that what you want to achieve and what you achieve is the same?

The answer is simple. Quality assurance! So, what’s that?

Simply put it is procedures and processes that check if the instruction manual is followed while people are building / creating a service experience for clients. 

  • How do we talk and what do we say?
  • How long does it take?
  • Which tools are used for it?
  • Is the client happy about it?
  • Are clients getting right answers?
  • Do I have enough people at the right time?
  • Do I have the right people?

Quality assurance is a cycle that starts with hiring and training. Then you measure quality with surveys, tests and silent monitoring. On team / organization level you create forecasts and then report on them. Results are then calibrated and will show where things go wrong. Then you start the next cycle. 

Wir Kunde has got all the skills you will need for that! And yes, we also know the tech stuff you need for that. (And a few magic tricks we would be happy to tell you)