Andreas Fleschurz


17 year customer care
15 year project management
5 years consutling
Multi country / multi language / multi site
a zillion projects :)


The passionate father, partner & musician is living in Vienna / Austria. If he is not making clients and their customers happy he loves his garden, nature and plays guitar.atur oder würgt seine Gitarre.


Wenzgasse 24/1, 1130 Vienna Austria
E fleschurz@wirkunde.at
T +43 1 8909867

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Andreas Fleschurz

…is specialized in seeing the world with the customers eyes, listen like customers do and understands their objectives and complaints. Customer service nowadays is not only an important contribution to a company´s success but central part of company strategies.

Customer service is a trade of between the intention of companies to satisfy their customers and  increasing demands of customers. While doing so companies have constantly increasing demand towards productivity and cost efficiency of customer service departments. Andreas Fleschurz knows customers. After 7 years in leading functions in telecommunications business he managed the customer service unit of Austrian Post. Technical know how, process thinking and dedication to satisfy customers are his major assets.

Throughout the years he managed a big number of international and national projects. He is specialized in: organization development, customer service, process management, project management and strategy development.

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Andreas Fleschurz, Wir Kunde

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