Management consulting

Reorganisation & service strategy

At the start of each stage you need to define the target. Customer needs change over time. So have service organizations. First step is always the definition of the strategy, which will be carried out later. Sometimes this means big changes or new organizational structure. Wir Kunde can accompany you and help you management consulting to never loose sight why you are doing all this. Your customers.

Possible targets are:

  • Optimization of the location
  • Process improvement
  • Customer contact strategy
  • Contact channel optimization
  • Better tools for the agents

Improve performance

The planning circle is the most important process in a customer service organization. An open discussion about the differences between planning and reality, reality checks on the efficiency of steering actions, auditing the accuracy of  your personell planning, that all is creating practical solutions to optimize your service organization. Sterling instead of reporting, design instead of just planning. Predict the future and learn from the past. Exciting! It makes no difference if it is about your customer service department or the efficiency of your outsource partner, improved planning and management always leads to better results.

Possible targets are:

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce customer care cost
  • Higher productivity of staff
  • More sales
  • Lower fluctuation

Improve routing

Mystery routing? A great number of possibilities exist to get the very best out of the routing of your calls and other workflow items. Customers do have specific needs. Resulting from that fact, you have specific needs for your routing. Sounds like dull statistics and probability calculus, but is an exiting field with enormous potential to gain satisfaction and save money.

Possible targets are:

  • Lower Re-Caller rate
  • Decrease call volume
  • Increase self-service ratio
  • Limit transfer call volume
  • Higher productivity
  • Better service levels at stable cost bei gleichen Kosten
  • Shorter wait time for customers on the phone
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