Christiane Ölz-Zivkovic

  • 15 year customer service
  • Team management
  • Operations management
  • Site management
  • Key account sales

Christiane speaks 6 languages, lives in Vienna and is married to the best husband of the world. Togehter they have two wonderful daugthers. Christiane  gets through distances preferibly by foot or bike.

In wintertime you will often meet her on skies, during summer you might have the chance to see her on a surfboard, trying to catch some waves.


Wenzgasse 24/1, 1130 Wien
E oelz-zivkovic@wirkunde.at
T +43 1 8909867

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Christiane Ölz-Zivkovic

…has been intensifying her customer care expertise during the last 15 years.

She knows customers and customer service by heart. Christiane learnt the trade of customer service with an international call center outsourcer. There she got a wide range of experience in a large number of positions.
In the very dymanic surrounding of customer service, she is also very familiar with the set up anf management of new call center locations all over Europe.
Furthermore she has a large experience of call center operations, giving consulting to companies about their customer care in general. During the last years she was responsible for international Sales and Business Development and helped to bring the needs of companies and their customers closer together.

What is she good in?

  • Call Center
  • International Customer Care Know How (esp. In Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, France, Romania and Turkey)
  • Outsourcing
  • Multilinugal Services
  • Project Manamgent
  • Optimisation of customer service
  • Sales optimasation
  • Business Development
  • Tender processes
  • Networking – Connection People: Her credo: There is always an expert for everything you are not able to do by your own. Just ask Christiane, most likely she knows the right one.

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