Why big is not always beautiful. 8 reasons to favor small consultancy companies!

We are a big company, so a big consultancy company suits me best. They have proofed to survive on the market. I can rely on them

And how should I identify the right consultant, there are thousands of them. Better choose a company I already know. Valid facts. But do I get the best possible solution?

You are searching for a good, small consultancy company? Ask!

1. A business partner you trust.
2. Google knows it all.
3. Visit platforms in the internet about your problem, we are all there.

Reason 1: Big consulting companies are more expensive!
Nowadays size is often defined by the size of marketing budgets and not by services. If you are into paying 20%-30% more, go ahead.

Reason 2: You will not get the best consultant, but the soonest available one!
Your company is no key account? Bad fortune – look forward meeting a Junior Consultant, accompanied by a senior consultant during acquiring you. What does Junior mean? Graduate student with good censures and 1-2 years of work practice.

Reason 3: Your consultant is not interested in the commercial success of your project!
The person you will meet is looking forward to big salary. He is no entrepreneur, not interested in the commercial success of your company. The opposite is true. Success means decreasing need for consulting services.

Reason 4: Specialist? No chance!
Big consultancy companies almost always use sub-contractors from small companies. The employees normally consist of generalists. For sure you don´t want a specialist to solve your problems together with you.

Reason 5: You love long meetings!
The ration between the time used for thinking about solutions and filling in forms, having meetings and preparing reports, is worse at bigger consulting companies. Reason? They want to control the pace of the projects and optimize risk. You are paying for it.

Reason 6: Flexibility is not part of our process!
Reusing proven methods always too means accepting that consulting is not perfectly matching the needs of the customer. Advantage is that the company can define standards and improve comparability. And sure you want that, that way? Being like everybody else and have no individual solutions.

Reason 7: Projects of big consultancy companies last longer!
Entrepreneurs are quicker than legal advice departments. Lead time to get the resource you need is bigger. Time to your solution is longer – only results drive payment – and entrepreneurs love payments. And don´t tell me now you don´t want that! After all, your problem sure can wait.

Reason 8: Dark blue suits are dead sexy!
Good consultants not only try to fulfill customers needs, they also try to adopt to corporate culture. Your are part of producing industry? Your employees will love the consultants, because they can tell from far away they are coming.

Still not convinced? Your are already on the right sight to find out if smaller consultancy companies are better for you.